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Gear Review: Goin’ West Hydration Backpack

We were recently sent a Goin’ West hydration backpack to check out for review. It is a straight forward backpack; easy to pack, easy to use, with the features typically needed/found in a pack. It is a 30 Liter size, which for me is a half day pack (to explain that, when I go dayhiking and the days are long I wear a midsize pack that can double as an overnighter, as I carry more water, food and some backup gear in case. A half-day pack holds enough water for 7-8 miles, lunch, snacks, rain jacket/pants and my first aid kit).

The one oddity is it features a double sternum strap. Crazy? Maybe not. Time will tell if it drives me crazy or not, so I will need to revisit this later. I did though get a good smile out of the tags. Love it!

The pack features a main compartment that has the hydration bladder sleeve (with straps to hold the bladder up), a second front compartment for other items, and a third smaller area accessible from the middle of the front. It also has a fabric strap for clipping a carabiner or bike light to as well, along with mesh pockets on each side, which would hold narrow water bottles easily.

Find it on Amazon in both Red and Blue choices (for under $40).

Disclaimer: We received gear for potential review. All thoughts are ours.

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