Book Review: Hiking The Grand Canyon

One National Park I haven’t had the chance to visit is The Grand Canyon. Finding the time off to visit hasn’t lined up, but it doesn’t keep me from dreaming about a trip – since Kirk has been there and often tells me how much we’d enjoy it. However, not in summer. That is so not when I want to go.

Hiking the Grand Canyon: A Detailed Guide to More Than 100 Trails, is an in-depth trail guide. It’s hand size allows for easily tucking into a bag, or car, to be used as inspiration. It covers the trails, but also goes into the Native history, geology and a lot more. The book sports a pull out map for lots of pleasant day dreaming. I find we often use guide books to give us ideas as we are planning trips, then leave them in the truck, and this is a good one for that.

FTC Disclaimer: We received an advance copy for potential review.

One thought on “Book Review: Hiking The Grand Canyon

  1. An even better Grand Canyon book is:
    Title Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon : Gripping Accounts of All Known Fatal Mishaps in the Most Famous of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders
    Authors Michael Patrick Ghiglieri, Thomas M. Myers

    My 10 year old loved reading it in Indian Gardens the day before we completed our hike.

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