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Henry’s Ridge Hiking: Sting’r Loop

Last week we had an artic freeze coming down from Canada, with snow included. Monday warmed up a bit, so I headed out for an afternoon hike at Henry’s Ridge, in Maple Valley, Washington. I wasn’t the only one out, a lot of mountain bikers had the same idea. However, most were pleasant and shared the trail.

It isn’t remotely wilderness, as it backs up to a housing development. But that doesn’t stop it from being wild in its own way. Plenty of deer, cougars and bears live in the surrounding woods, as it heads into the watersheds and foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

The rain and snow have been decent this year, so the ponds are up. Spring hasn’t started yet.

My friend Alicia and her son joined us. He really loved finding out he could toss sticks in the water. He’s 3’ish now and just getting into the fun years for hiking.

It was warm enough the snow was gone, except for in the shade and even a few bugs came out.

The upper ponds are full. In low season you can often walk between the two.

We enjoyed our quick hike and I got home before the big yellow limo dropped my kids off. Not a shabby way to spend an afternoon.

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  1. Wow! The light is just fantastic! You say spring hasn’t arrived yet but it must be so close. Don’t you just love the anticipation of everything about to burst into life?

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