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Cedar Creek Park Hiking

Cedar Creek Park covers 119 acres of protected land, sitting in the heart of Maple Valley to Covington, in Washington State. In a mix of various entities protecting the land, ranging from wetlands, a creek and forest, it offers easy dayhiking in one of the fastest growing areas of Washington State (it is in SE King County, tech workers have caused tremendous growth in recent years). But, as it sits off the beaten path (meaning I have to drive there), I don’t often think to go there. A friend of mine hadn’t been there, though she lives less than a mile away. I carved out an hour or two, so we could get a walk in this week.

Painted rocks are big in the Maple Valley area. Wether or not you like them, in city and county parks they are not hurting anything, and like geocaching, it gets people mobile and outside. I won’t deny it, I love finding rocks, and taking them home. We have a rock spot in front of our home, for kids (and adults) to share rocks. Finding them when hiking means I set them free there later! The hashtag is #MVRocks and #maplevalleyrocks

A walk in a forest of blended ages.

It’s hard to ever tire of the green and blue hues on cedar trees.

Tucked in a stump was a second rock. I found it, shared I found it, and then gave it to a little girl at our boys’ bus stop who loves finding and hiding painted rocks. She was so very happy.

Spring isn’t here yet. But the first signs were there, including Salmon Berry leaves about to unfurl. The deep green of moss was still vibrant, in the rainy season.

Thinking Sitka Spruce cone.

Tiny fungi on a tree snag. It was smaller than my pinkie nail.

Spring is coming, and life in every corner and nook on rotting logs.

Tiny fungi growing sideways.

An old logging gate, and that sign my hike is nearly done.