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Mama and Child Hiking: Nolte State Park

It hit 70° today, the late winter burst of sun and warmth that pushes spring into the picture. I got a couple moms and their preschoolers out for a short hike at Nolte State Park. Nolte sits in the far corner of SE King County, between Enumclaw and Maple Valley, Washington. It’s close to us, but for many in King County, a world away from the mess of Seattle.

It’ll rain tomorrow, so for now, we might as well enjoy the weather.

The ducks are back, and soon the geese will fly in. The park is just showing the start of spring. The first unfurling of leaves is happening. Deep Lake was pretty as usual. There was a strong wind going through, kicking up waves. It was warm though.

The park has added a new interpretive area to learn from. Lots on the local flora!

A sunny morning hike is all one needs some days.

My friend Shaunna with her son and a few more.

This tree fell about 4 years back, and every time I take kids we end up here for a good 15 to 30 minutes for nature playtime.

It isn’t wilderness by any means, but you feel still out-of-town. Clean air. No loud traffic.

Deep Lake peeking through the trees.

The back of the lake. This hasn’t been a wet winter, so the lake is pretty far down.

At the back of the lake it’s still solidly winter, but the start of the seasonal change is just starting. I counted a number of red huckleberry bushes just starting to show buds.

The Cascade foothills in the distance.

A well-worn (and loved) trail bed.

Lichen on a Douglas Fir. And with that the loop trail was done, and we let the kids run to the playground at the park, where they ran themselves till tired. My children? Not so happy Mom went hiking without them, while they were in school 😉

2 thoughts on “Mama and Child Hiking: Nolte State Park

  1. I have never been to Washington, but your photos are beautiful and amazing. They make me want to go to Washington and check the beauty of the outdoors. I love getting outside and hiking to see what nature has for us and I can’t wait for spring to come to Missouri. We too have great scenery and hiking is great and will bring a smile to my face. Ourdoors and clean fresh air, that’s what maqkes life grand.

  2. That was a great scene in the outdoors, i love going on a hike with my dog for some fresh air and nature is one of the best way to relieve stress. I am so looking forward on spring season.
    Great blog!

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