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Commercial Meal Review: Heather’s Choice

Commercial backpacking meals are changing, and in a positive way. The sodium-laden, glop in a bag meal is quietly being replaced by innovative small companies, with a taste for modern fare. Heather’s Choice is one of the new guard. You don’t have to be limited to scary meals full of TVP and orange “cheese”, you can eat quickly and have fare that is closer to what you eat daily at home. It’s fresh, not carb heavy and is friendly to those with gluten and egg intolerance.

The Packaroons are a dense, tasty snack that will fuel you without the sugar crash of say…. Pop-Tarts. They boast ground almonds and coconut (though the black espresso ones are tree nut free as well!).

The smoked sockeye salmon chowder boasts dried salmon, for a mess free dinner.

My suggestion? Add in more water than called for. It was very thick. Very tasty though.

Heather’s Choice makes a line of breakfasts as well. The Blueberry Cinnamon Breakfast contains: Buckwheat, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Dried Blueberries, Raw Sugar*, Chia Seeds*, Coconut Milk Powder (Coconut, Non-GMO Tapioca), Shredded Coconut*, Coconut Flakes*, Sea Salt, Ground Cinnamon. It is gluten-free, tree-nut and peanut free – making it a viable choice for those with food intolerance.

PS: The packing paper is the coolest touch: it’s a topo map. Love it!

FTC Disclaimer: We received product sample for potential review. All thoughts are ours.

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  1. I received some of the Packaroons as a gift. They are delicious but $LOL expensive! I’ve been meaning to make my own using the ingredients mentioned on the package.

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