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May Food Find Round Up

For most of us, hiking season is here finally. (Well, unless you live in the desert or the frozen hinterlands….) Looking for some new ideas for your trail meals? For trail snacks?

Jack Link’s Beef Steak Strip bars. It’s meat. In a portable bar form, made for easy snacking. If you are on a higher-protein diet, this is a great find. Also handy to be diced up and added to trail meals for an easy addition.

You Love Veggies leather. It’s fruit and vegetables smashed together. Hand it to a kid, or a hangry hiking partner who claims they hate greens, they won’t notice, as long as you hide the packaging.

Simply Shredz: It’s time we had more meat options that are shelf-stable to carry along. Rip open, eat as is, or add to any meal you can dream of. Make an incredible wrap with flour tortillas and BBQ sauce in packets. Even better? Shredz + BBQ sauce heated up, served over rice with cheddar on top.

Bare fruit: A tasty snack, in a variety of flavors that has a simple ingredient list. Bananas are great for hiking, due to being a great source of potassium.

Dancing Deer Baking Co Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies. Eat while you hike! I took it on a hike without my youngest (who is allergic to nuts) and enjoyed the lightly sweet treat.

Made Good Foods – another favorite of our youngest son, they make allergy friendly items. Their crispy squares are a crispy treat grown up. Not overly sweet, with lots of flavor.

Greenbelly Meal 2 Go bars: 2 bars per bag, easy to eat and it’s over 640 calories per bag! If you want a bug out bag item, tuck one in. Also a good idea for emergency food in your food bag for dayhiking. Even split between 2 people, you have a quick pickup of energy, in an easy to carry meal.

FTC Disclaimer: Some items reviewed were product samples, all thoughts and reviews are ours however.