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Food Find: Brandless

When we lived on the mainland I had two Trader Joe’s not far away. I had access to large, well stocked grocery and natural food stores that carried all the fun food finds….If I had a lame snack while hiking, that was all on me. Then we moved to a remote island and suddenly finding yummies became a tad bit harder. However, thankfully the FedEx and UPS guys love us. I have found that for large orders (pantry stock-ups) I use Amazon, but for single serving and fun stuff, I love using Brandless now.

Brandless is relatively new to the game, and you might have seen their ads on Facebook or Instagram, and wondered if the site was worth your time/money. I took the risk for you all, and tried them multiple times. My thoughts? If you don’t have local access and/or you love a tasty bargain, try it out. It’s quick, easy and you come home to a box of treats waiting for you on your stoop! Of my multiple orders, there was one issue (a few items got left out), however once contacted, the company immediately shipped out the missing items, which showed up in under 2 days!

Items we loved –

Teriyaki Beef Jerky. It’s a one serving size bag, soft and flavorful.

Maple Glazed Almonds. Try to not eat it all in one serving. You will.

The Cranberry & Oat Crisps are way good – and would impress anyone if you schlepped them in with a hunk of quality cheese. Just saying. It has an inner bag, so easily carried.

The mix for gluten-free blueberry muffins is one of the best gf mixes I have tried. I feel if you put them out there, no one could tell the difference. That says a lot. While it’s not a “hiking” mix, they are great to bring along for the first day or so, for a tasty treat. I also feel they might work well for making steamed muffins on the trail. I need to try that out.

Brandless carries single serving packets of tuna, many trail mixes ready to go, granola bars, oatmeal cups, instant oats, granola, applesauce pouches, dried fruit and a lot more. (For at home, the gluten-free pizza crust is amazing, as is the brownie mix. We love the shower gel as well)

If you haven’t tried Brandless before, and use our link, you will get $6 off your first order (and $39 and over gets free shipping!)


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