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When It’s Too Hot To Hike

By all standards it wasn’t that hot, but you know how it is: if you move to a cooler place, let the whining begin if it warms up at all. It’s easy to get used to cloudy mornings and mid 60’s, so it hitting 80* means sweating and whining commence. Father’s Day on Sunday was sunny and warm, so Kirk and I kept it simple. We took the boys to a couple of beaches on the island in the early morning, and hit the local Tilth farmers market, then hid inside during the heat of the day.

We drove out to Possession Beach Waterfront park, a county run access. It’s a long drive to the beach, down narrow and twisty roads, on the very rural south end of Whidbey Island. Plenty of deer on the roads, so going slower isn’t a bad idea. The signs to turn in can be a bit confusing, so pay attention. We parked and walked the trail down to the beach. I wasn’t exactly impressed by the beach. I hadn’t thought out the angle of the beach. It sits on the Puget Sound, and has views of Mt. Baker and the north Cascade Mountains (Baker is the white blob by the bluff, on the left side). This side of the island is mud flats, with a lot of kelp and rocks. Not fun for the kids. Not good for walking either. It was also a mosquito fest, which what was drove away.

However the park is nice though, but no trees for shade at all. Plenty of parking, and picnic tables abound.

After that we drove back up to the main road and took a left, then a sharp left onto the next road, to check out Possession Point State Park, which sits at the end of the road. Be forewarned, the road is very narrow and dark. Drive slowly! The park is in a grey area: it isn’t and is a park. It has an entrance sign. A narrow parking lot, it requires a Discovery Pass. There is a trail to the beach, far below, in the woods off the parking area. The road, that would lead down to the beach is gated off. Also a mosquito fest. If the park is developed a bit more I’d come back, but for now? I don’t think it is worth the long drive there.

To let the boys have fun we visited Bush Point Beach, which I have talked about before. Always the private property signs. You get used to them.

Still, the tiny county park that is free gets one access onto the lovely beach that faces the “correct” way, meaning you get sandy beaches with lots of shells and what not.

Lil’ Crabby was so hot it was dehydrated….I took that as a sign and we headed home.

And picked wild strawberries on the edge of the woods.