Travel Fun In Seattle: The Spheres

A visit to experience The Seattle Spheres was enough to lure me off the island, especially with an early start in the morning. Botany is a massive part of my life – whether it is in the wild or in a controlled environment (I love working in the greenhouse on our farm). I had wanted to see the Spheres since they were being built. Even then, I had no idea what to expect. What would be inside?

The MV Rust Bucket plying the Salish Sea.

The Spheres are massive in their own way, yet oddly blend in. With multiple entrances and lawns surrounding it, it’s easy to feel relaxed near it.

Now, I know the question: Can anyone visit? Yes. But visiting times are very limited unless you are an employee. However, you can take a tour with reservations on 2 Saturdays a month. Sign up early! Pick a weekend out of summer time for easier planning (and saner traffic).

The Wall though: This is what to see. It is an amazing thing – every speck is covered in living green, misted gently to keep humid.

The Spheres are open, with stairs climbing to the top, back and forth, letting you climb out of the understory, into the canopy. There is a suspension walkway at the top, with the bird nest overlook, where you can peer down all the way – and touch the trees growing up high.

A stream runs through the middle.

There is life in every edge of The Spheres. It is pleasantly warm and just humid enough. Take the time to get down and look at the plants growing.

On a side note: We found these great tasting gluten-free cookies, made by Seattle local, Nuflours. If in Seattle, take the time to head over to their shop. The chocolate dipped coconut cookie is pretty amazing as well.

And slipping across the Salish Sea back home….and feeling very inspired by the plants and method we enjoyed.