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Commercial Meal Review: Packit Gourmet

It’s been awhile since we had reviewed Packit Gourmet meals, and with a number of road trips under our belt this summer, I was excited to try the no-cook chicken salad meals the most. I’ve often said that the hardest meal for us is lunch. Too often ends up being a bag of chips, some dried fruit and jerky. Fills you but is not exciting. My kids hate me so much on hikes when Mom is “Well….what’s in the bag? Some random stale gluten-free crackers, bars and ooh….apricots!”…..

Somehow, just sitting down and eating a real meal makes the day that much better. It also forces you to take a break and enjoy the scenery. And that is sometimes the best part of a hike. Just sitting. You notice a lot that is easily missed at 2.2 mph.

Lunch made simple, that frees up a lot of energy. Three no-cook chicken salads & a roast beef variety. And a side note? The new packaging is so much nicer! Easy to get your hands in, no messes on your knuckles anymore.

Texas Mesquite Chicken Salad. Great flavor, I liked the spices used in it.

Roast Beef Wrap filling. While tasty, this one didn’t rehydrate as well as the chicken ones. I also kept thinking: this would be so much tastier if warm. I’d revisit it again, but that time make it with boiling water, and serve it over hot rice. I like to roll that way……

Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad. My oldest son’s favorite was this one. He liked the texture and flavors.

Curry Mango Chicken Salad – of all the flavors, this was my favorite hands down. The currants are really satisfying.

And a few more meals……we will be discussing these in an upcoming post.

Mom’s Banana Pudding. This is what dessert dreams are made of. The crunchy cookie croutons are the best part. Go. Order. It. Make it your entire order. Eat it at home.

More to come on those ones later…..


FTC Disclaimer: Some items reviewed were provided for review, others were purchased by us. All opinions and thoughts belong to us.