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Book Review: The Kid’s Outdoor Adventure Book

I am always looking for new ideas for the boys, especially in summer. Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up was a recent find at our local library on the island.

The book is broken up into season, with Spring the starting season. It features 200 checklist items (that yes, you check off!) and 200 checklist challenges, that are more indepth. It has 12 projects, 12 destinations, 12 featured foods, and 12 outdoor childhood games to try.

The checklist is a blend of things even adults will love doing. It is a laid back, nature school feel. From visiting a beach, to a public garden, to making twig art, to making freezer jam from strawberries you grow, to trying car camping, it is a guide to the laid back, low technology summer kids need.

I highly recommend this book. Tuck it into your “boredom” pile and pull it out and get the kids excited!