Falling Into Fall

It’s an odd thing, but Fungi truly makes me think of Fall settling in. This year has been amazing for it. Having a couple of rains, then a mostly warm October popped the mushrooms throughout our property. This tiny one was on the edge of the forest, under Cedar trees.

It’s been hard to get out hiking – warm and sunny weekends meant a lot of farm work. However, it is work that will eventually be done and the hiking will come after . So I enjoyed the time I had while working, walking our land and watching the changes settling in.

Sometimes you need to look down – and look every day – for the changes.

In a vast Evergreen Huckleberry bush, about 5 feet up, Alistaire found this large bird nest. So pretty!

And honestly, we can go hiking next weekend….but you can’t pass up the pumpkin patch, no?