Meal Review: Artisan Bread French Toast & Maple Syrup

Monday, Aug 11, 2008

From Packit Gourmet is their Artisan Bread French Toast.

A package weighs in at 10.7 ounces and comes with everything you will need – the Toastees, egg mix, maple syrup, powdered sugar and oil. It also comes with their nifty towelettes and a stir stick.

All the prep for this meal is done in the bags that come with the meal, making what could be a time consuming meal a tad bit easier.

Once everything was mixed up and had sat for the prescribed time it went into my fry pan (you want at least an 8″, preferably a 9″ across the open top). I heated my pan over medium heat and then added 1 packet of oil, that was heated as well.

You could hear the egg sizzling as it hit the oil. That is always a good smell 😉

There isn’t a set time for how long to cook the french toast, rather it is by sight. Once mine looked done I added a couple Tablespoons of the maple syrup I had prepared in advance. I tossed the toast over medium heat, caramelizing the syrup into the bread. Off the heat it came and I sprinkled the powder sugar on top.

I served it with more of the maple syrup. Ford quite enjoyed it. While it doesn’t seem like a lot of food in the pan, once in a bowl? Yes, it will serve 2 without any issues.

While I probably wouldn’t make it on a backpacking trip (due to having to carry a fry pan) I could be talked into it while car camping – taste wise it was great and overall not too hard to make.

The maple syrup is a great thing to pick up as well – it is maple syrup granules, dried, that you add warm water to, mix well and let sit for about 10 minutes. Come back and there is maple syrup ready to go! The Maple Syrup Granules are in my hiking kitchen now permanently – they will get used in quite a few recipes. They can be used similar to sugar as well – mixed into oatmeal and many other breakfast items.


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