Meal Review: Asian Curried Chicken Salad

Monday, Sep 8, 2008

After our hike, Ford and I decided to go visit the Gold Creek Pond area which was near the trailhead we had been at. I hadn’t stopped there before – it is a tiny bit off I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. Long ago it was a massive gravel pit that they turned into a lake. Pulling into the parking lot you wouldn’t know that there was a pretty area nearby – it is bleak and scrubby. A few minutes stroll though and you get treated to some gordeous views up Gold Creek Valley to Chikamin Peak and the PCT far in the distance (and having walked that section of the PCT the view downhill is pretty cool as well).

Chikamin is the one in the far back, middle – with snow visible.

For lunch Ford and I tried out Packit Gourmet’s Asian Curried Chicken Salad. I had packed bread for both of us in a hard side container. One could use crackers, tortillas, rolls, etc for the salad. Their Chicken Salad comes in three versions as well and you can pick the one that sounds best.

From their website “A delicately flavored curried chicken salad with crunchy celery, peppers, currants, apricots, sun-dried tomatoes and toasted almonds” and as usual the meal comes with everything needed. I loved the folded squares of parchment paper for doing prep on and wrapping the sammies up in. That was pretty cool.

After adding the called for water, the dressing and mayo to the mix I let the salad sit for 5 or so minutes. Then sammies were created. I left the currants out due to my braces – the apricots are freeze dried and are fantastic tasting.


Ford was more interested in sticks and the lake until I told him it was chicken sammies. Then he ran over and started chowing down.

Only too soon lunch was over and we needed to get back over the pass and go home. Sigh!

Defintely a great lunch! Extremely easy to make, no stove needed. Just a little water and 5 minutes time for a very filling meal.


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