Meal Review: Bangers N’ Mash

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008

About two weeks ago I mentioned Packit Gourmet. This past Tuesday my first order showed up and of course I was happy as can be – who doesn’t love a box of gear and food left at your doorstop?

The main part of my order was various powders/seasonings to use in upcoming recipes though I indulged and picked up a couple of their ready-to-go meals to try out. As well known, it is rare when I am impressed by a commercial meal. Often the meals are inedible, not big enough and more than anything – unappetizing. So when trying new brands I have hope but never am I optimistic.

My hope lifted when I opened the box. The orders packaging was first class, everything tightly sealed and padded. All items were intact. The meals were indeed lifting me more – they were attractively packaged and unlike any other brand out there, the meals contain everything you need. That means if it calls for oil, it has oil packets. Parmesan cheese? It has packets inside. The meals contain a wood stir stick and biodegradable towelettes as well.

Ford and I decided to try the Bangers N’ Mash out today:

The package opened up to show all the items:

It came with the mashed potatoes, vegetable bag, broth tubes, S&P packets, Parmesan cheese packets, fried onions, sausage, stir stick and towlettes.

The directions are simple to follow. All it required was a small 4 cup pot to simmer the gravy in. I did change one thing – the meal came with liquid broth concentrates in Beef and Vegetable. I have similar tubes bought at Trader Joe’s that are lower sodium. Same thing, same taste, just a lot less sodium. I did the smell and taste test πŸ˜‰ Most people wouldn’t care but for me it is a way I can cheat and still be ‘ok’ on sodium intake.

The meal does make a real two person serving – the bowl here is one of our GSI mug/cups and holds 20 fl ounces. Each serving nearly filled its bowl.

I split the mashed potatoes between the two bowls, then layered the hot gravy on top. Each bowl got a packet of Parmesan and half the onions.

The smell was awesome. Ford grabbed his bowl and scarfed it down. What he really liked was the Kountry Boy Sausage that is in it – it comes in a 4.4 ounce package of 4 links that you cut up.

The meal isn’t cheap at $9.49 but considering the quality in it I did find it worthwhile for the cost. That it would serve two adults for dinner makes it affordable (and that most “2 person” freeze dried meals do not feed 2 but cost $6-12 now per…. 1 serving is that much!)


2 thoughts on “Meal Review: Bangers N’ Mash

  1. Nice website you have here. That company is pretty neat. I would love to make and sell similar meals. Do you know if that meal was freeze dried or dehydrated? What form was the sausage in? Thank you for the time you spend researching backpacking foods. -Critter

  2. Critter,
    The sausage comes in a 4 pack, shelf-stable. Having said that, freeze-dried sausage does exist πŸ™‚

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