Meal Review: Rustic Bread, Dipping Sauce & Vinegar

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008

I recently had a chance to try out three items that Packit Gourmet carries: Rustic Skillet Bread, Italian Pesto Dipping Sauce and Organic Balsamic Vinegar.


There isn’t often I try making an item that could cause me to carry a fry pan in my pack. The Rustic Skillet Bread by Packit Gourmet is one of those items. It almost had me questioning my UL ways!

Ford and I whipped up a batch this morning. It was very easy – simply adding in 3/4 cup of water and kneading for a couple minutes. Then you let it sit and rest while the pan warms up. I would highly suggest using a nonstick pan, your results will be easier! I used an 8″ pan.

After flipping it over – golden brown and the smell was incredible.

Their Italian Pesto Dipping Sauce comes with 2 packets organic extra virgin olive oil, a packet of their herbs and spice blend and a small wooden stick to stir. You can mix the sauce in a dish or in the bag it comes in. The dipping sauce benefits from at least 10-15 minutes sit time, for the flavors to bloom. Not only does it taste great on bread this sauce would be great tossed with pasta or couscous. Oh, lets face it – it would be great on nearly anything savory! 😉

The Italian Dipping Sauce is in the back cup, balsamic vinegar in the front.

Ford and I dipped it back and forth in the dipping sauce and the vinegar. Quickly the bread disappeared of course 😉


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