Book Review: The Great Big Green Book


If you enjoy reading books to young children, this new title is a great one for bringing up the subject of what “green” can mean. The Great Big Green Book is a large, easy to read book that is fully illustrated. Younger children, such as mine ( 3 & 5) will enjoy being read to […]

Forest School for Wee Ones


Last summer it occurred to me as I watched my three boys running down the trail that what would we do once fall came? Would we stay inside and while away the months? I didn’t know. I knew the two youngest were ready for preschool (the oldest, well….beepbeep the big yellow bus calls for him!). […]

Food Finds: Pasta, Savory Energy Bars & More


It’s been an interesting season for new products that could work well for hiking trips. The kitchen & hiker’s pantry are filling up – and with the crazy warm winter here in the PNW – it is already hiking season! Let’s start off with these funky energy bars from Slow Food For Fast Lives. A savory […]

Gear Find: Bullfrog Marathon Mist Sunscreen

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Winter is often a time when sunscreen doesn’t come to mind, especially here in the often grey Pacific NorthWest. If you love snow sports though, you should be wearing protection, especially if you are above treeline, and at altitude. All it takes is one day like this….at 6,000 feet and you will be feeling like […]