Since I Started Grilling……

Kirk and I love to camp, be it "actual" camping or cabin camping. It's been a great way to stay in the outdoors with our kids as they have gone from babies, to toddlers, to school age. And if there is a part of camping I love, it is grilling food. It's not something I can justify when backpacking … Continue reading

The Ultimate UL Firestarter

If you hike with small children, feel blessed. For you have access to the ultimate DIY UL firestarter: This amazing firestarter is....a crayon. Yes, those things you curse as you pick up 20 broken ones and toss. Yet, in late summer a box of 20 can be had for often less than 50 cents. 20 … Continue reading

The Hiking Tether

The hiking tether: You will either love the concept, the idea, how it works, or you will vividly froth angrily about using a leash on a child. What is a hiking tether? It's simply nothing more than a leash to keep wayward children close to you in the wilds. Yet giving the child freedom in not … Continue reading

Early Spring Food and Gear Finds

It's been a busy month for us. We moved a week ago, having bought land in a rural setting, and sold our place in the foothills. Hasn't been a lot of time to write of late, but I am getting back into the swing of things. Our new place is still in Washington State, and we are island living. I … Continue reading