The Hiking Tether

The hiking tether: You will either love the concept, the idea, how it works, or you will vividly froth angrily about using a leash on a child. What is a hiking tether? It's simply nothing more than a leash to keep wayward children close to you in the wilds. Yet giving the child freedom in not … Continue reading

The Natural First Aid Kit

The Natural First Aid Kit? Yes! As some of our readers know, I write about our homesteading at Never Free Farm, and produce many recipes for natural body and remedy products (Herbalism is a side passion of mine, and I went back to school this past year). Today I am going to share some of my … Continue reading

First Aid Kit: What Is In Mine

A long time ago I picked up this ditty bag from Outdoor Research, to use for my First Aid kit. While I was thinking 10 years ago, it's probably more like 15. For a few years I quit carrying it and went to a quart freezer bags (during the minimalist UL years). But in the end, the few ounces won out. … Continue reading