Gear Find: NYNE Mini Speaker


Fair warning: While not everyone enjoys the sounds of music in the wilds, sometimes it is a lot of fun. Just don’t annoy anyone else with Thrash Metal 5000 on 30 while hiking, OK? Well, if you must, at least have a wicked air guitar style….and hair to match. What is tiny and packs a […]

In My Daypack This Year


I try to go through my daypack every spring and look at what is there. What needs to be replaced. Or tossed. Or added. It is a good habit, and then you don’t wish you had something later on! And I’ll be upfront about it this year: This year I have a much heavier haul […]

Gear Review: Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern


When I first started backpacking, back in the dark ages, there were not many choices for lights. You had heavy headlamps, that slid down into your glasses, lanterns that weighed a ton or flashlights that burned through batteries. I have felt for a long time that what really changed everything was LED bulbs finally being […]

Gear Review: EZ Squeezees


EZ Squeezees? What might that be, I can be sure more than a few are thinking. Well, if you happen to have kids around the past few years, you have seen the boom in food packets. My two youngest have grown up with them, a near no-mess, on the go, convenient snacking or meal for […]

Gear Review: Smartphone Backup Power


For me, technology has been something I have embraced, especially if it is easy to use and makes my life more enjoyable. When I think about hiking and backpacking even 10 years ago, what pops up in my mind is how many things I used to carry on trips, even when going light. Camera, GPS, […]

New Book Updates


The past 2 months saw us bring out two new trail cookbooks. The first editions out were in digital form. Trail Cooking: Trail Food Made Gourmet – And Trail Eats – I am excited to let everyone know the proof copies have been ordered, I should receive them this week. After that…I am hoping it […]