Gear Review: Melitta Pour-Over Coffee


Pour-over is all the rage right now, but ironically I can remember that was how my Dad preferred his coffee back in the day 😉 And my Mom’s set up back then was a very simple Melitta pour-over setup as well. Good coffee can be easily made with little effort, and you don’t need fancy […]

Gear Review: BigShot Wide Mouth


I am admittedly a throwback to the past with certain gear. Example? I don’t like hydration bladders. Loooong ago, when they first came out, I jumped on it. And found I never did like it, no matter the brand. I found I like a bladder for in-camp use great, but not for drinking. I went […]

Gear Review: Deuter Backpacks For Kids


I’ve often mentioned my loyalty to Deuter – my daypack, backpacking pack and kid carrier packs are Deuter. My daypack (and sometimes an overnighter) has been with me for 5+ years now, without any issues. Compared to an REI daypack I bought at the same time, the Deuter still looks great – no fraying, no […]

Gear Review: Bic Flex Wand Lighter


Having a long-handled lighter can be quite handy for camping. Much easier than having to kneel down to get a fire going in a pit. Or for starting fires in wood stoves when cabin camping. Or starting up stoves. We were recently sent a Bic Flex Wand Lighter, which I gave a heavy abuse to […]

Gear Find: NYNE Mini Speaker


Fair warning: While not everyone enjoys the sounds of music in the wilds, sometimes it is a lot of fun. Just don’t annoy anyone else with Thrash Metal 5000 on 30 while hiking, OK? Well, if you must, at least have a wicked air guitar style….and hair to match. What is tiny and packs a […]

In My Daypack This Year


I try to go through my daypack every spring and look at what is there. What needs to be replaced. Or tossed. Or added. It is a good habit, and then you don’t wish you had something later on! And I’ll be upfront about it this year: This year I have a much heavier haul […]

Gear Review: Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern


When I first started backpacking, back in the dark ages, there were not many choices for lights. You had heavy headlamps, that slid down into your glasses, lanterns that weighed a ton or flashlights that burned through batteries. I have felt for a long time that what really changed everything was LED bulbs finally being […]