6 Dehydrating Posts To Check Out


Do you love dehydrating food for trips or at home use? Or have you wondered about it? Be sure to check out our Dehydrating 101 on TrailCooking to get you inspired. If you missed these posts & tutorials from my personal blog, you might want to check them out – and get your hiker pantry […]

Dehydrator Recipes: Onion Crisps

Excalibur Recipes Art#43C37

Excalibur Dehydrators shared this amazing looking dehydrator recipe for Onion Crisps with us recently and I had to share it with you! Allergy friendly, gluten-free, vegan, Plant-Based and yeah, this would be amazing tossed with hot pasta, or sprinkled on a wrap! The recipe is written for their dehydrator, you can use parchment paper lined […]

Snacks to Boost Energy Naturally

Barbecue Cucumber Chips

While these recipes were developed by Excalibur Dehydrators for use in their high-end dehydrators, the recipes can be used in many other dehydrators as well – although drying times may be much longer. Enjoy these recipes for a new taste in trail-ready (or heck, desk ready) chips to munch on. BBQ Cucumber Chips Ingredients 3 large […]

Spring Planning: Dehydrators


Dehydrators come to mind once one gets into planning for cooking & eating on the trail, and quits the MountainHouse meal plan (you know – 2 bags a day and 3 energy bars!). And wants to start DIY in the food bag! Spring is a great time to start, your dried items will be fresh […]