Meal Review: Paleo Savory Chicken and Vegetables


Last December I tried out my first meal from Paleo Meals To Go, their Beef Mt Stew. I was pleasantly happy with the meal, finding it filling and satisfying. We received a few more flavors to try out and up first: Savory Chicken and Vegetables is marketed as lunch, but would work as dinner just as […]

Recent Food Finds To Check Out


The past few months we have had the chance to try out a number of new products – many of which are perfect for trail noshing. Wild Planet Anchovies – don’t knock them for hiking. The oil packed tins are a great protein source. Mash with a spoon or fork and mix into pasta dishes! […]

Food Find: Revolution Foods Meal Kits


I’ll be honest – when I am trying to get three boys out the door as quickly as I can (hahaha…..quick?), I do look for help in the grocery store to get meals planned. I often take a lunch on trips, that I can leave in a cooler, for an after hike lunch. Sometimes that […]

Food Find: Mario Snack Olives


Last week I was digging in my snack bag, while we had lunch at a lake, and I found a packet of Mario Snack Olives that I had forgotten about.   Ready to take with you, the packets come in 7 flavors/varieties, all of which are pitted. The small packets weigh in at 1.05 ounces […]