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New Gear and Food Finds

We've had some good items come across recently, from gear to food. NASAR (The National Association For Search And Rescue) has out two guides that are pack ready. Essential Knots and Basic Navigation, the guides are palm sized and ultra light and most of all.....waterproof. The guides fold out similar to a map, and are… Continue reading New Gear and Food Finds

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A New Take On Alpine Aire Food

In what doesn't seem like so long ago, freeze-dried food companies hadn't changed in years. Decades even. The same meals we were buying in 2009 had been there 10 years, 20 years before. But change has happened. And it has been nearly 100% positive, this change, in the food industry. Flavors and textures have changed,… Continue reading A New Take On Alpine Aire Food

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Cost Plus World Market Food Finds Roundup

I had some free time to shop at Cost Plus World Market this past weekend, and found some great food finds. Duke's Shorty Sausages. Single serving packs. Perfect for slicing thin and adding into a meal. Or just snacking on..... Dried mushrooms are expensive. Unless you buy a tub at Costco that you will never… Continue reading Cost Plus World Market Food Finds Roundup