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Not-So-Basic Pumpkin Spice Rice

Pumpkin spice gets mocked a lot once fall starts showing up, but it has so much to offer. You wouldn't think of pumpkin spice rice, but you should. It's savory, with the tart sweetness of the dried fruit, and plenty of chicken for protein. It's not basic, and it's very tasty! Gluten-free and dairy-free as… Continue reading Not-So-Basic Pumpkin Spice Rice

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Top Five Easy Freezer Bag Cooking Recipes

A long time ago there was a lady who loved hiking and backpacking. But she was overwhelmed at the time by hiking so often, she couldn't afford (and didn't even like) commercial freeze-dried meals. She had heard of a method where you made your own meals and prepped them in freezer bags (which came to… Continue reading Top Five Easy Freezer Bag Cooking Recipes

Freezer Bag Cooking · One Pot Meals · Trail Cooking

New Recipe: Salsa and Chicken Rice

This recipe came out of a couple of items I had picked up from Backpacker's Pantry and were hanging out in the hiking pantry. Salsa with optional jalapeno flakes and natural cooked freeze dried chicken. I found the salsa to be actually spicy enough on its own, it doesn't need the jalapeno unless you crave… Continue reading New Recipe: Salsa and Chicken Rice

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FBC Cozy Giveaway

Spring is here...finally! And let's celebrate with a giveaway of some cool swag, just in time to get 2 lucky winners ready for the trail, since Memorial Day....the "start" of camping season is next Monday. To celebrate our latest book, Freezer Bag Cooking - Adventure Ready Recipes being released this Spring, And two of the… Continue reading FBC Cozy Giveaway