Not-So-Basic Pumpkin Spice Rice

Pumpkin spice gets mocked a lot once fall starts showing up, but it has so much to offer. You wouldn't think of pumpkin spice rice, but you should. It's savory, with the tart sweetness of the dried fruit, and plenty of chicken for protein. It's not basic, and it's very tasty! Gluten-free and … Continue reading

Scout Ready Recipes From Our Latest Book

Reader question "What are some go to recipes that are 'Scout Ready' recipes?" From teaching backcountry cooking classes in the past to Scout groups, I know the young men like it simple, hearty, and with minimal cleanup. It also needs ample serving sizes. After all, we are talking hollow legs in … Continue reading

Reader Recipes: Chia Desserts

Chia Seeds have gone from a child's novelty to a "super food" in the past few years. If you haven't tried them, they work well in recipes ranging from energy bars, to shakes, to even dessert! Chia Desserts? Yes. It might take some getting used to, I won't lie, but it is a fun thing to play with. … Continue reading

Lentil Recipes

Legumes can be overwhelming to those not used to eating them - from the texture to taste, but lentils seem to make most anyone happy. I love the earthy taste, but also how small they are. They rehydrate quickly and can go into hot or cold dishes. Tips? You must cook the lentils in advance and … Continue reading

Simplicity In A Meal: Beans & Rice

When I first made this recipe years ago for hiking, I based it on a simple "recipe" I had eaten a lot of in my college years. In those years I would make a batch of rice and mix into it a can of vegetarian refried beans, and if I was feeling all flush, some salsa. Maybe it wasn't gourmet, but it … Continue reading