Trail Recipe: Coconut Bars

The coconut bars might not be the best choice for ultra-hot summer weather, but they are a great option for trips the rest of the year. They are lightly sweet, and satisfying. I've given two methods for making them. Tree nut and peanut free, it's a great option to the Lara Bar style … Continue reading

The Tale of The Raw Oreo

A few years ago, on a lovely trip in the Cascade Mountains, I took a treat with me called the "Raw Oreo". It was a phenomenal treat. These are for cooler weather trips, where high calorie is essential. If you can have nuts, these are so tasty (unfortunately, now we can't have these in our house, … Continue reading

Reader Recipes: Chia Desserts

Chia Seeds have gone from a child's novelty to a "super food" in the past few years. If you haven't tried them, they work well in recipes ranging from energy bars, to shakes, to even dessert! Chia Desserts? Yes. It might take some getting used to, I won't lie, but it is a fun thing to play with. … Continue reading

No Cook Recipe Round Up

Recently I was asked by a reader about searching for "no cook" recipes on Trail Cooking. The older version of the website had a bit better tagging, but I am still working on it :-) This list will also be posted on the No Cook Method 101 page as well, for easy reference. The recipes vary between … Continue reading