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Scout Ready Recipes From Our Latest Book

Reader question "What are some go to recipes that are 'Scout Ready' recipes?" From teaching backcountry cooking classes in the past to Scout groups, I know the young men like it simple, hearty, and with minimal cleanup. It also needs ample serving sizes. After all, we are talking hollow legs in these teen boys! If… Continue reading Scout Ready Recipes From Our Latest Book

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New Recipes On TrailCooking

With our youngest son's severe food allergies, I am always searching for new ideas and was recently inspired by The Allergy-Free Pantry: Make Your Own Staples, Snacks, and More Without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts, and found myself cooking non-stop. Not only did the little one enjoy it all, so did everyone else.… Continue reading New Recipes On TrailCooking