Taking Children Hiking…It’s Like Herding Cats


Hiking with children….well I can tell you that with one it is doable – especially if they are of the special breed of Rainbow Unicorn Children like my oldest was – the ones that love hiking and are built for it. Now then…taking 3 of them is a challenge. Starring: Ford (17), Walker (5), and […]

Tulips & Forts


With a weekend day free Kirk and I took the boys up north to Skagit County in Washington State, to see the tulips. With the non-existent winter, the tulips have started early so got there before the annual month-long festival starts in April.The colors are really worth the color – and one can walk for […]

Book Review: The Great Big Green Book


If you enjoy reading books to young children, this new title is a great one for bringing up the subject of what “green” can mean. The Great Big Green Book is a large, easy to read book that is fully illustrated. Younger children, such as mine ( 3 & 5) will enjoy being read to […]

Forest School for Wee Ones


Last summer it occurred to me as I watched my three boys running down the trail that what would we do once fall came? Would we stay inside and while away the months? I didn’t know. I knew the two youngest were ready for preschool (the oldest, well….beepbeep the big yellow bus calls for him!). […]

Food Finds: Pasta, Savory Energy Bars & More


It’s been an interesting season for new products that could work well for hiking trips. The kitchen & hiker’s pantry are filling up – and with the crazy warm winter here in the PNW – it is already hiking season! Let’s start off with these funky energy bars from Slow Food For Fast Lives. A savory […]