GOPO Rosehip and Joint Care


If you have reached a certain age (and mine seemed to be around 40) you might find yourself with a little less spring in the old step. I was approached to try out GOPO Rosehip supplement, for joint care, I was intrigued. I don’t take many supplements, but this one struck a note in me. To put it bluntly, the knees have developed a bit of a creak in the past year or two. So after researching what was in the supplement, and that it was literally rosehips, I felt comfortable in taking it. Easy to follow directions. Fair warning, the pills are a bit big, but otherwise simple to use.

So my thoughts? Well, it isn’t scientifically proven…but I felt my knees have felt a bit better the past week or so. Not so much aching, and my legs feel better in the morning. No tummy issues with the supplement, so I have kept taking it. I know at my age, any help I can get to keep my joints happy, the better life will be!

Company Info:

Clinically proven and used extensively in Europe, GOPO is now available to Americans to help support long-term cartilage care and joint mobility. The key is galactolipids, which occur naturally in rose hips, the fruit of a rose. But our rose hip is different. We’ve used science to grow a unique rose cultivar and refined it to its most potent form to offer a supplement with galactolipids specifically designed for joint care. At just 3 weeks, 8 out of 10 users reported positive results. Now, this exact formula is available in the US, home of the world’s most on-the-go people. GOPO is one of many brands for health and wellness under the Lanes Brands family. The story of our thriving family business began more than 80 years ago in England, and we have been promoting health and wellbeing through our range of herbal medicines, supplements and other products ever since. Our aim is simple, to improve people’s wellbeing and quality of life. We accomplish this through a variety of high quality, natural and healthy products, the direct result of the vision of our founder, Gilbert Lane. Gilbert was an early supporter of the idea that people can improve their health through diet and the use of carefully selected plants and nutrients. Today, traditional herbal knowledge plus high-end manufacturing is still the combination that ensures continued innovation and leadership. We are proud to manufacture and distribute trusted and proven health care brands, now available in over 25,000 locations across the United States.

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This review is not medical advice, it is a review of a product we personally used for a month. As always, ask your doctor about this product if you have questions.

This post is sponsored, however all reviews and thoughts are ours.

River Ramblings

Sunday morning I picked up a friend, and we headed out for an early and kid-free hike at Kanasket-Palmer State Park, a few miles away from home. Maybe it was a good day for an alpine hike, but we both had a busy day later on, and finding time to drive 3 hours round trip wasn’t happening. And there is something about late summer mornings, at dawn. Being able to leave town and be there in under 15 minutes is very satisfying.

We were the first there, with that magical quietness, as the sun came over the trees.

My friend Alicia had not been here – and she had requested a forest hike. Summer isn’t prime time (spring and fall are), but there was still lots to see, if you got down. The moss might not have been as lush, but it was still good.

Morning sunrise.

Ripe Blackberries (and Red Huckleberries as well) for breakfast.

Fly fisherman out crossing branches of the Green River, at dawn.

Sometimes the forest is a wonderful place to be.

Alica was so happy – as we were leaving, she looked down and saw this tiny painted rock, her first one to find. We rehid it later, at a painted rock bowl I run at our urban farm which is called the “The Rock Spot”.

More to come on this photo….since i was kid free (and our allergy son not with me), I got to indulge in a bag of peanuts and almonds. The Mango Fire trail mix is great! I was recently sent a number of Alpine Aire to try out – and I can say: this isn’t the Alpine Aire I remembered from hiking back in the early 2000’s. They have really changed it up. We’ll have a review of the products coming soon.


A Clear Day In The Wildflowers

The weather shifted after the past few weeks, and finally it was normal temperatures. It was low 60’s, sunny, and no bugs in the subalpine of Tipsoo and Upper Tipsoo Lakes. I was more in the mood for wildflowers than hiking, and I chose somewhere I love to be.

Mount Rainier.

Yakima Peak.

Tipsoo Lake with Rainier.

Western Anemone.

My oldest. You don’t see him often, but he came with me for the ride, then went off and did a long hike by himself yesterday. He will be 20 in about a month from now.

The wildflowers at the main lake are on the end run.

However, the flowers at Upper Tipsoo Lake are in their prime.

And Upper Tipsoo Lake has the best views, it is higher, so Rainier floats above.

You also see nearly no one. There is a foot path around the lake, that goes up high. Let your feet follow it, through the flowers.

The boys and I ready to head back.

In the breeze –