Best Outdoor Cookbook Cover Ever

Is it the rugged plaid shirt? The work pants? The full leather boots? The sweet external frame pack? Trucker hat? The canteen?

Heck it is all of it! Every time I see the cover on Harriet Barker’s Supermarket backpacker I get a smile on my face. It was 1977 and baby boomers were into the height of the backpacking/outdoor craze. The book occurred at a time when convenience items for outdoors types was just starting to show up in stores. Hiker stoves were replacing camp fires and real gear was getting out there. Every year brought new advances.

Old school indeed 😀


Product Review: Cran-Orange Griddle Scones

Kirk and I tried out Packit Gourmet’s Cranberry Orange Griddle Scones for a late breakfast.

As always it comes with everything you need – the scone mix is the ‘just add water’ type.

Getting going, I got a non stick fry pan heated up over medium heat. I add the cranberries to the dry mix and added in the water till I had a nice dough. I added half the oil into the pan, spreading it around then quickly sprinkled half the cornmeal on it. Swiftly I divvied up the dough into 6 sections in the pan. Lowered the heat to low and covered the scones for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile I got to thinking what should top scones. Maybe strawberry preserves? Peanut butter? Almond butter? Butter and honey are great choices as well!

You definitely need to watch the scones, adjusting the heat as needed – watch that they don’t get over done. They will act somewhat like pancakes, the top will start to get solid nearing flip time.

Take the rest of the oil and drizzle it across the top, then sprinkle on the rest of the cornmeal on top (the cornmeal helps it not burn and adds a great flavor). Using a small spatula, flip them over. ‘Bake’ covered for another 5 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes approximately 6 scones.

They are soft inside with a soft crunch on the outside. Not overly sweet the orange essence (they use freeze-dried oranges) is just perfect. I really like the texture.

Overall the prep was neither hard nor long – these would be worth making in camp in the morning, letting cool and then packing in a bag for lunch while hiking.

As for the fry pan and lid quandary? Well, you can use your cook pot and lid as well. It doesn’t have to be done in a separate fry pan. Any non stick pot will work just fine – though the scones need to be kept covered while ‘baking’ to keep moist.


Food Find: Tribe Hummus Single Packs

I was in Costco this past weekend and noticed they are carrying multi-packs of single serving tubs of Tribe’s hummus. It comes in a mix pack of regular and roasted garlic. Each tub is 2 ounces – so add some crackers and you have a perfect quick snack. Find the multi-packs near the cheese/deli meat/salsa area in the center of Costco.

It isn’t shelf stable but it would do fine for a dayhike or first day out. The small tub is thin and light so tucking it into your garbage bag isn’t an issue.

What I like about Tribe’s Hummus is they don’t add preservatives or anything artifical. Just Garbanzo beans, oils and flavorings.