70 Photos From 2008

A rainy day got me into cleaning up my photo storage from this year. When I get frumpy feeling from not being able to get outside….well looking at my photos does improve my mood!

70 photos or so from trips I did this year. (Hosted at Photobucket)


Target Food Finds: Flavored Couscous Mixes

I recently came across the newer line of flavored couscous mixes from Target’s line, Archer Farms. So far we have tried out the 4 Cheese and the Moroccan Inspired flavors. Both are easy to prep, just add hot to boiling temp water, stir well and let sit for 5-10 minutes. They work well with more vegetables, some chicken and cheese added in as well. They could be prepped as a cold salad as well – couscous will rehydrate with cold water if you let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour.

Find them in the food aisles (many Targets now have them and are not Super ones either) near the pasta starter kits. Lots of options have been showing up in the past 6 months at Target and they change frequently as well – so it is worth a check every couple weeks!


BLT Wraps – A Review

Yesterday I had another order from Packit Gourmet show up…full of fun items to blog about and as well use in new recipes for the outdoors. I get as excited as can be when I get boxes of fun food! If you are a long time reader you know that I truly love Packit Gourmet’s products – they are always fresh, they ship fast and they have stellar customer service. Just you all wait and see what I do with my freeze dried black olives this coming week 😉

Kirk and I tried out Packit Gourmet’s BLT wraps for lunch. It appears it recently went off the website though. Shoot! The wraps are GOOD. I hope they bring them back! Even with my braces I could eat them – they don’t seem like they are a big meal but once you eat half the package you are full. PIG does a BYOB take on bread/tortillas/crackers in their meals – which is a good thing. You take what you like that way and the tortillas are fresh.

As will all their meals the prep is straightforward and this one was extremely easy.

I used two burrito tortillas that I heated up in a pan for a few minutes. Once off I made up the wraps.

The kit came with bacon, mayo packets, freeze dried veggie blend and really tasty super soft diced sun dried tomatoes (and wet naps for your hands as well). They also come with 2 pieces of perfectly sized parchment paper for work surface.

You add 2 Tablespoons room temp water to the veggies and let sit for a couple minutes. Meanwhile, spread the mayo on the tortillas, top with tomatoes, break up the bacon and top then add the veggies.

I rolled mine up and cut in half.

The wraps were very, very tasty. Bacon goodness! I would suggest though if a person has time to heat up the tortillas – it makes the sammie that perfect taste – warm on the outside, crunchy on the inside!