Food Review: PIG’s Black Bean Flaquities

Packit Gourmet’s Black Bean Flaquities go down into my list of “Messiest But Tastiest Food Ever”.

Easy to prep, these lightly fried/crispy-yet soft as a pillow burritos are well worth the mess and having to actually clean pots.

As with all their meals, they contain everything you will need from oil, dipping sauces and a stir stick (along with other items as well such as a prep “mat”, salt and pepper packets and cleanup wipes). All you need to provide is the tortillas (hence keeping the meal fresh).

Following the directions I brought the rice/bean mix to a boil in a small pot then simmered tightly covered, on low, for 7 minutes. I cut a corner here – I added the veggie/cheese bag, stirred it in and left the pot tightly covered (off the stove) for maybe 10 minutes. Came back and it was perfect. I put down 4 soft taco sized tortillas on paper towels and divided up the mix.

I rolled the burritos up carefully. Meanwhile I had heated up the oil over medium high heat in a non stick pan. Now I did this at home so I could do all 4 at once, on the trail you would do them 2 at a time in a fry pan (the ones that are a pan lid/fry pan from a 2L pot would work well.). I carefully slid the burritos in seam side down, knocked the heat down a bit and cooked them till they were golden brown. Then using a thin small spatula, flip them over carefully. Brown the other side.

Pop the burritos out, cut in half and serve with dipping sauce (we chose salsa). Serves 2 good sized appetites.

The smell is fantastic and the filling is full of melty cheese, crisp and soft tortilla at the same time. These are very much worth the effort. No, it isn’t for UL hiking trips but you have to try it once!


Food Finds: Freeze Dried Bell Peppers And Olives

Packit Gourmet is now carrying diced freeze-dried green bell peppers and sliced freeze-dried black olives.

You might ask….what is the difference between regular dehydrated and freeze-dried for vegetables and fruits?

The answer is that freeze-dried comes back to life once water is added in a matter of minutes. No cooking needed or long sit times. Most freeze dried vegetables and fruits can be eaten in dry state as well – they are crispy, almost like a chip. Space and weight are also advantages – for instance 1 ounce of freeze-dried olives is 5 ounces is equivalent to 5 ounces fresh.

They can cost a bit more but are well worth it! Now I just to need to dream up a recipe with the olives!


70 Photos From 2008

A rainy day got me into cleaning up my photo storage from this year. When I get frumpy feeling from not being able to get outside….well looking at my photos does improve my mood!

70 photos or so from trips I did this year. (Hosted at Photobucket)