Alpine Apple Cider Mix – And Recipes

Ford loves Alpine brand cider mix (teeth rotting sweetness maybe on why he loves it?). Usually when we backpack it is his choice for a hot drink in the morning and at dinner. I figure I shouldn’t be compalining….I have what a year or two till he finds out about how magical coffee is :p

Anyhoo, on Alpine’s website they have a number of recipes that use the dry mix. One that sounds actually really good is Alpine Granola. That would be really good for winter trips! Or maybe hot apple cider tea? Even those with no cooking skills could do that 😉


Hiking A Corn Maze

Ok, I am sure going into a corn maze doesn’t technically count as hiking….but yeah, what a workout 😉 Ford and I spent part of our afternoon wandering through the corn and only got turned around once – unlike the dumdum’s they had to send a GPS toting corn boy in to fetch……(I had to find that one pretty funny – that the employees were using GPS to not get lost in it). The best had to be hearing the person wailing about being lost a couple rows over. Ford and I got a good laugh in – after we made our way out. Better to not tempt fate by sniggering while your in the maze, eh?

Blue skies and the tips of corn……

Should I be glad it wasn’t a trip at night?

In the end we wandered well over a mile. A hard core hike indeed 😉 Or I’ll keep telling myself that……

I love fall indeed 🙂


Rescue On Mt. Adams

This was a story I had been following that while hopeful I had a bad feeling would not end well. Yet… did end well! (Ok, as well as it can……I am sure that he’d have preferred to not break his ankle!)

The climber, Derek, did not return after a Sunday climb of Mt. Adams, here in Washington State. He was found Friday after 5 days out. He had fallen on the way down from Piker’s Peak at 11,657 feet, breaking his ankle. He was slowly crawling his way down – he had gotten down to the 6,000 ft level and into trees.

If for anything the fact that he kept crawling is amazing and what probably kept him alive. Full story here. And to the SAR teams? I hope I never need you, but again, thanks for doing what you do! And give those granola sniffin’ poochies a big hug 🙂