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Commercial Meal Review: Heather’s Choice

Commercial backpacking meals are changing, and in a positive way. The sodium-laden, glop in a bag meal is quietly being replaced by innovative small companies, with a taste for modern fare. Heather's Choice is one of the new guard. You don't have to be limited to scary meals full of TVP and orange "cheese", you… Continue reading Commercial Meal Review: Heather’s Choice

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Craving Pizza While Backpacking?

Somehow, when backpacking, around day 2 to 3, conversation and mental day dreaming seems to end up centered on carby, cheesy foods. Especially pizza. There is something about the bread, cheese piled on, warm sauce and toppings.... Maybe with a cold beer? Well, for me it's an ice-cold ice tea. I can help you with… Continue reading Craving Pizza While Backpacking?

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Thanksgiving In The Outdoors Inspiration

Thanksgiving in the outdoors is a huge fantasy for many: escape the crowds, family that drives you crazy, commercialism and everything else. Maybe you want to try backpacking over the long weekend (it's usually really quiet out!) or you want to sneak away to a cabin, having easy recipes really helps. You can have the… Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Outdoors Inspiration