Choosing a 3-Season Sleeping Bag

A quality sleeping bag is everything. Trust me on that. I tried cheap. I tried 45 bags in 20 degree weather. I hated every night I slept out. I was always cold. Then one day I coughed up the $$ for my first down bag. It was heaven. It was worth the cost. Lesson? Don’t […]

Along A River…..


It had been awhile since I had backpacked. How long? Well, let’s put it this way: the last time I got out my middle son (Walker) was just a tiny start, I didn’t know I was even pregnant then. It was 3 years and 50 weeks or so ago (not that I was counting..ya know….), […]

New Gear For The Fall – First Review


Kirk gave me first Leatherman multi-tool back in 2003. That tiny purple multi-tool came with me on every hike and backpacking trip I went on for years. It made meals, it cut a lot of duct tape, fixed fingernails, even took out splinters. After 9 or so years, it was retired. It wasn’t dead, far from […]

Book Review: Backpacking Washington


A few weeks ago I had the chance to finally meet author Craig Romano in person – I was lucky enough to attend one of his presentations and as it turned out it was his first one for his latest book: Backpacking Washington: Overnight and Multi-Day Routes To put it lightly it has been far […]