Food Find: Special K Nourish Breakfast Cups


New to stores, Kellog’s® Special K Nourish™: Twin packs, with a twist, following yogurt companies, the nuts and berries on top, keeping them fresh and crunchy. Each cup has 8 grams protein and 5 grams fiber, for a weight of 1.83 ounces each. The cups crush down after eating, giving an easy pack-out in the garbage […]

Recap 2012: Breakfast Recipes

The last recipe recap: Looking back at some of the breakfast recipes I posted during 2012. Enjoy and have a warm morning (and tummy) on your next trip! Breakfast Pistachio Rice Pudding:     Tropical Breakfast Rice Pudding:   Cherry & Coconut Cream of Wheat Cereal:     Peachy Oats:   ~Sarah

New Recipe: Cherry & Coconut Cream of Wheat Cereal


We recently received a package of items from Essential Eating, who make delicious sprouted foods. It may look like hippy fare, the taste will win you over. So what is it? Sprouted whole grains that are rinsed, gently dried and then milled (ground), turned into flours, cereals, pasta and more. The digestibility of the grains is easy on the stomach. Their products are […]