A Stroll on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail


As this hot and dry summer finally enters the last month….and rain is finally promised starting tomorrow, Kirk and I got out the other day on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail, which we live on (we back up to it, with a gate out to the trail even). It might have been 80*, but […]

Silver Forest Trail


Sunday afternoon, while making lunch, it seemed like a great idea to drop everything and drive up to Rainier. It was getting hot, so why not? Arrive around 3 pm and people are just starting to leave, so parking spots are easier to find (where as from 10 am on, in summer, on a weekend, […]

Urban Adventures: Downtown Park


Last week we had time to spend in Bellevue, Washington while Kirk had business to do. I had seen Downtown Park signs before, but had no idea what was hidden there. In the center of the city, surrounded by high rises and the near constant construction (Bellevue is growing constantly), is the 21 acre park […]

Ancient Trees and Snakes


The PNW heat wave was back. Again. Faced with that, we left on Friday morning in hopes of it being at least a few degrees cooler in the mountains. We hadn’t been to Ohanapecosh in I think two years, so we decided to stop before it got busy. The trailhead for Grove of the Patriarchs […]

Foraging on Rail to Trails


A person on a local Facebook group had asked about fruit tree ID on a section of a local rail to trail, so I figured…why not go see! Got us out of the house and a hike all in one. We set off from Maple Valley (here in Washington) on the Cedar River Trail, towards […]

Local Wanderings: Mud Mountain Dam


Oddly enough it only took me 13 or so years of living here to visit Mud Mountain Dam. Why I hadn’t been before, I don’t know. It was a great stop on our way up Hwy 410, to Mount Rainier. For one, I had no idea that the dam had been put into control floods […]