Recent Food Finds

Fun items that have been floating around the office and the great outdoors these past few months. It's hard to believe summer is winding down, all too quickly. But...that does bring cool weather fall hiking, which is my favorite time to be out! Mountain America Jerky - Made in Colorado, … Continue reading

Food Finds To Check Out

Recent finds have been piling up for review - so we got busy to try them out! Spotted at our local Safeway was new flavors of Kraft Parmesan Cheese in Rosemary & Garlic and Classic Italian. Something new to sprinkle over your rice and pasta dishes! Kirk was excited to receive samples … Continue reading

Food Find: Jiva Cubes

Jiva Coffee Cubes When you think of instant coffee, what comes to mind? A scoop of dry, tan-ish crystals that you dig out of the cupboard that may or may not have been sitting up there since the Clinton administration aka the last time your coffee brewer broke? Or maybe you are more familiar … Continue reading