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Top Five Easy Freezer Bag Cooking Recipes

A long time ago there was a lady who loved hiking and backpacking. But she was overwhelmed at the time by hiking so often, she couldn't afford (and didn't even like) commercial freeze-dried meals. She had heard of a method where you made your own meals and prepped them in freezer bags (which came to… Continue reading Top Five Easy Freezer Bag Cooking Recipes

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Vintage Trailcooking Videos You Must See!

  In 2008 Kirk and I produced a season of Trail and Cooking, with 5 videos on trail cooking shot at various outdoor locations. Each video had a recipe and directions to go with it. I recently added them to my Youtube channel. They are not of the highest resolution, so I apologize upfront about… Continue reading Vintage Trailcooking Videos You Must See!

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New Recipe: Salsa and Chicken Rice

This recipe came out of a couple of items I had picked up from Backpacker's Pantry and were hanging out in the hiking pantry. Salsa with optional jalapeno flakes and natural cooked freeze dried chicken. I found the salsa to be actually spicy enough on its own, it doesn't need the jalapeno unless you crave… Continue reading New Recipe: Salsa and Chicken Rice

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FBC Cozy Giveaway

Spring is here...finally! And let's celebrate with a giveaway of some cool swag, just in time to get 2 lucky winners ready for the trail, since Memorial Day....the "start" of camping season is next Monday. To celebrate our latest book, Freezer Bag Cooking - Adventure Ready Recipes being released this Spring, And two of the… Continue reading FBC Cozy Giveaway