Tasty, Tasty Lentils!

Looking through an email today from Harmony House Foods, Inc., it got me thinking to all the recipes I developed over the years using their precooked and ready to use lentils. A number of them are on TrailCooking - and more sit hidden in the two manuscripts I wrote while pregnant with my two … Continue reading

Got Dried Goodies? Need Recipes?

As seen on hiking forums are posters wondering what do with the Harmony House Backpackers Kit - which I might add you can find at most REI stores as well. (Though I might point out that I consider the Deluxe Sampler to be a better buy - it has more variety!) So what to do with them? Need … Continue reading

Italian Inspired Rice Recipe

My inspiration for this dish came to me as I stared at the pantry today. I was starving and my braces had been worked on this morning. My teeth ache like crazy after an appointment with the Master of Pain (er, I mean my always charming Orthodontist....), so my goal was "little-if-any-chewing … Continue reading