Allergies and Hiking


Disclaimer: This post is NOT medical advice, it is what works for us as a family, using advice from our son’s pediatrician and allergists doctors. Please see a medical professional for help in deciding what is right for you. When Alistaire, our now 3½ year old, was diagnosed with life threatening allergies just after he […]

Shadow Lake Loop Trail


I’ve spent a lot of trail miles the past few years hiking and re-hiking a few certain trails, that I know well, are kid-friendly and please my senses. Shadow Lake Loop Trail at Sunrise in Mount Rainier National Park is one of those. It is easy on the eyes, to say the least. I know […]

A Day Around Tahoma


If one wants solid advice, follow this sign. Living in the (Pacific) North (West) can be a good thing….. With a foggy/cloudy weekend, Kirk and I took our usually-every-year drive around Mt. Rainier. One sees a lot more when they don’t see the mountain I have found – and I am OK with not seeing […]

Local Wanderings: Fay Bainbridge Park


Kirk’s coworker let me in a little gem, on the waterfront, on Bainbridge Island here in Washington State. A tiny park, wedged in between beach homes called Fay Bainbridge Park. The first treat was wild roses in bloom on the beach. I miss those from my years of island living in the PNW. When the […]

I’m Happy When I Go Home


My weekend started with that. The cat, who apparently loves to launch himself off my foot – and only me – pulled his favorite stunt on Friday morning. I wasn’t feeling much like hiking on Saturday, but could at least wear shoes. So the family and I went to where I call home. Because nothing […]