Hot Chocolate For Winter Trips


We recently added a new hot chocolate recipe to TrailCooking: Sipping Hot Chocolate PS: This is one recipe to pull out your best cocoa powder. We used TCHO organic/fair trade cocoa powder in it. You might also like – Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Mocha Cocoa Pudding Hot Cocoa Sugar Free Spicy Cocoa Mix Winter Cocoa […]



Simplicity can be a good thing. So can just trying to not be a snob, especially over coffee. At home I am a barista for Kirk (I spent 9 years being a barista – and even published a short book last year on it The Natural Barista: Latte Syrups & Drinks) and love making gourmet […]

The New VIA Latte? #Fail


I wanted so much to love the new line of VIA Lattes. I mean really wanted to like it. It is very rare for me to be disappointed in a Starbucks product, if anything I encroach the line of being a fangirl. In most Starbucks you can currently pick up a sampler stick (one 8 […]

Food Find: Peppermint Mocha VIA


The line of flavored/sweetened VIA coffee packets has been great – trust me, if you can still find the Pumpkin Spice flavor, stock up! Anyhow, the newest is here – Peppermint Mocha (ignore the picture/price online – it is a box of 5 and cost less than what is online). This is easy to make and gives a delicious cup, […]

Food Find: Nescafe Memento


Awhile back I had come across Nescafe® Memento™ drink mixes at the store and picked up Caramel and Cappuccino, Mocha is also offered. Finally with the cool weather I felt like trying it out – I am quite skeptical when I try flavored instant coffee beverages. Most are sickly sweet and chalky in texture at best. So these sat […]

Dr. Drip Coffee


New to the scene is Dr. Drip Coffee, an easy to use way to make fresh coffee on the trail (or really anywhere) using ground coffee, not instant. The entire packaging is compostable (and or recyclable for the outer box) – all of it – making it a friendly choice. (I am testing it out […]