Lentil Recipes

Legumes can be overwhelming to those not used to eating them – from the texture to taste, but lentils seem to make most anyone happy. I love the earthy taste, but also how small they are. They rehydrate quickly and can go into hot or cold dishes. Tips? You must cook the lentils in advance […]

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Bacon, Bacon and Bacon: Recipes Bacon-Lovers Need

Bacon, Bacon and Bacon: Recipes Bacon-Lovers Need


Still love bacon like crazy? Refuse to admit the trend might be waning? Need more recipes to keep up your addiction while hiking? Bacon & Corn Chowder Breakfast Taters Cheesy Bacon Onion Mashers Spaghetti Carbonara Creamy Potato Soup Colcannon Mashers Bacon & Pea Alfredo Cheesy Bacon Mashers Bacon Sushi It only is scary looking – […]

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