Food Find: Revolution Foods Meal Kits


I’ll be honest – when I am trying to get three boys out the door as quickly as I can (hahaha…..quick?), I do look for help in the grocery store to get meals planned. I often take a lunch on trips, that I can leave in a cooler, for an after hike lunch. Sometimes that […]

Food Find: Lunchables Jr.


Looking for something new to bribe your kids with while hiking? Or more likely, something new and fun for yourself? Lunchables has a line of shelf stable snacks out, with 4 flavor combinations, Lunchables Jr. Having tried out the Blueberry Bonanza, it is a fun idea. Three snacks, in one tray, that protects against getting […]

New Recipe: Sunballs


This recipe went over so well, I decided to repost here, from my personal blog, Gazing In – I was inspired by a quick recipe I saw on Keeley McQuire’s blog and made an adapted batch for Alistaire (our youngest and our allergy-boy) to nibble on. Turned out everyone else liked them just as much…..even the Teen (Ford). But […]

Food Find for The Wee Ones: Plum Organics Little Cremes


Alistaire, our youngest, recently had full allergy testing, after his second visit to the ER in 2 months time. It isn’t a pleasant sight to say the least – they marked his back up and then applied samples all over. While not fun to go through (what 17 month old wants hives on his back that he can’t […]

Finds From the Allergy-Free Aisles


I might put it this way: while I try to make the majority of our food from scratch, not all of it happens. I like to have snacks for the boys in the van, we travel and hike and as well the oldest has school lunches. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to buy a box of treats […]

Food Find: Apple Crunchers


Walker saw this food find first, it was right at his toddler eye level, hidden in the produce department in our Safeway. I have found if I get down low, they have all sorts of single serving and small-sized bags of healthy treats. Earthbound Farm Organic’s line of Apple Crunchers, in 3 flavors. Original, Cinnamon and my favorite, […]