Food Find: Freeze-Dried Buttered Sweet Corn & Recipes

Food Find: Freeze-Dried Buttered Sweet Corn & Recipes


Freeze-Dried Buttered Sweet Corn takes what is possibly the most boring freeze-dried veggie, and takes it to this amazing level. Is it the quality of the corn? Unlike some brands, the corn is bright and not washed out. It is snappy between the teeth (not limp and sad). But oh the flavor. Yeah, it really […]

Lentil Recipes

Legumes can be overwhelming to those not used to eating them – from the texture to taste, but lentils seem to make most anyone happy. I love the earthy taste, but also how small they are. They rehydrate quickly and can go into hot or cold dishes. Tips? You must cook the lentils in advance […]

Biscuit Making: How-To & Recipes

Who doesn’t love biscuits? Most who can eat gluten will admit a fondness for them, especially when piping hot. Yes, they do take a little extra work, but they are worth the effort, just for how they can boost morale. If you carry a non-stick pot, you can have easy baking. For an easy start […]

From Trail Eats: One Pot Chickpea Pasta

Have you seen Trail Eats yet? 50 trail-tested recipes, with nearly all of them photographed. The Kindle version is in full color, with an interactive front index (and no, you don’t need a Kindle to read it), the print version is in B&W. One of my personal favorites is this tasty vegetarian feast, One Pot […]