Slowly on the PCT


Sometimes a quick hike is needed (and by quick I don’t mean fast, rather….a mostly unplanned/last-minute/let’s get in the van and go hike). So we did our morning appointments and chores, and then headed for the mountains for a few hours, making the trailhead actually before noon 😉 Monday was a cooler day, not as […]

Snowless Hiking at Sheep Lake


Sunday morning was a hot one last weekend, so Dani and I started early. We had talked about other hikes in the area, but heat isn’t something either of us love much (and she has it even cooler, as she lives in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains). So we picked an easy hike, The […]

A Little Hiking & An Alpine Lake


Sometimes life gets in the way, and I wake up and know that I need to go to the mountains. Monday was one of those days. Kirk had been in Asia for a week, for work, and then my brother came over and got Kirk sick. With finally everyone mostly well, I was twitching and […]

Of Face Plants and Mountain Views


Janelle invited me to join her and her friend Annie, who we realized later, we had hiked together before. Turned out neither of them had been North on the Pacific Crest Trail from Snoqualmie Pass. And had it really been 2006 since I had last hiked that section? Apparently so. Janelle loves early starts, and […]

Wildflowers and Thunder


My planned backpacking trip got scrapped by thunderstorms in the Cascade Mountains. A whole lot of rain and lighting – which wreaked havoc in the northern part (and that was just part of the damage!). Instead, we let Saturday pass by and on Sunday, Kirk and I took our two youngest for a short hike. It […]

Lazy Sunday Hiking


Heading out on an early hike is good for the soul, even if it means a double latte kind of day. My friend Jared and I ended up choosing a traditional hike for us, our yearly visit to Sheep Lake, on the Pacific Crest Trail. We had planned on doing way more but I just […]