A Smattering of Photos from 2012


Considering I started 2012 off at about 33 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t feeling very outdoorsy. Until as soon as our 3rd son showed up. Then I was missing being out there! When Alistaire was ready for the jogger stroller, him and Walker were bundled up in early spring to enjoy local rail to trails: I’ll be […]

Summer Dreaming – Indian Bar


I get asked often about what I think the prettiest section of the Wonderland Trail is. To me that would be the section where you leave the trees on the Cowlitz Ridge to Indian Bar and then to Summerland and below to the flower fields. The trail from either direction isn’t easy nor is it […]

Summer Dreaming


Spring is here and that puts me in a happy mood (well until I looked at Washington DOT’s set of photos up on Hwy 20 in the North Cascades!). My mind is drifting to where I want to hike when the snow melts (er, maybe I better plan out to August with dump-o-rama of snow […]

Finding Valentines Day In Nature


Do you ever see things in nature that make you stop and take a photo? Heart shapes are something I love seeing On the side of a trail in the Central Cascades in Washington State: Kirk dwarfed by a massive heart shape in Arches NP in Utah: A heart shape rock cross country in the […]

What Others Bring Along


One of our readers, Erich, sent us these great shots of a 3 day solo trip he did recently. Food layed out: Cooking gear taken: Closeup of meals: And from the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park (and featured on our Cozies On The Trail section as well): Thanks Erich, love them! ~Sarah

Old Photos Found


Teresa “Dicentra” (One Pan Wonders) my long time friend and hiking partner was digging through stuff and came across a couple forgotten CD’s of photos from past trips we had done. A number of these photos I hadn’t seen before! From 2004 and 2005 mostly A very young Ford on the way up Dog Mountain […]

Pictures For A Cold December Day


At the tail end of a deep arctic freeze here it leaves me looking at this years photos – got to find something warm to do 😉 Just some random photos from hikes this year that left me smiling. It wasn’t the biggest year for hiking for me but that is OK, what I did […]