From Trail Eats: One Pot Chickpea Pasta

Have you seen Trail Eats yet? 50 trail-tested recipes, with nearly all of them photographed. The Kindle version is in full color, with an interactive front index (and no, you don’t need a Kindle to read it), the print version is in B&W. One of my personal favorites is this tasty vegetarian feast, One Pot […]

Fish Tacos from Trail Eats

Have you seen our new trail cooking book, Trail Eats? It is on Kindle in digital, Trail Eats, and in print, Trail Eats, at Amazon. 50 of our favorite recipes for the trail, 48 have photos. The Kindle version is in full color, and if you buy the print version, you can pick up the […]

In Print Now: Trail Cooking & Trail Eats

I am excited to announce that both of our recent Kindle releases are now in print, in plenty of time for upcoming spring backpacking trips! Two new trail cookbooks for 2014! Trail Cooking: Trail Food Made Gourmet 275+ recipes, with so many choices you will want to get out every weekend! Trail Eats, with a […]

Our Newest Book: Trail Eats

Our Newest Book: Trail Eats


Last week our newest book joined our lineup in the TrailCooking Bookstore: Trail Eats Between 2009 and 2013, Kirk and I developed these 50 recipes, that really stood out to us, for our outdoor food column, Trail Eats, which ran from 2009 to 2013. From raw energy bars, to luxury desserts, hearty carb fests and even pizza, […]