Food Find: No Nut Butters


I’ve loved The Sneaky Chef products (and her great books as well!) for quite some time. When I saw the Kickstarter for bringing a chocolate version of the No-Nut Butter to the masses, I was all in. As you can, the Kickstarter got funded and I had jars of deliciousness in front of me recently. […]

Meal Review: Pizza Margherita Wrap


Pizza Margherita Wrap from PackitGourmet is one of their BYOB meals, where the hiker needs to provide tortillas, bread or similar. It is an interesting concept, but where I normally love PackitGourmet meals, this one I wasn’t very enamored with. But realize that this is MY taste buds and food preferences talking. I can see […]

Food Find: tapaz 2 go


I found tapaz 2 go at CostPlus World Market and had to try it out. They had the Classic Hummus flavor: A tub of shelf-stable hummus and a bag of lentil chips is tucked inside. Interesting concept and it works. The hummus doesn’t have the sharp flavors some shelf-stable brands have, is creamy and easily […]

Food Find: Ready Snax


Ready Snax® is a line of 6 varieties, found in the produce section of grocery stores (near the bagged salads). The boys and I picked up the Carrots, Grapes & Cheese with Pretzels to try: Hmmmm…..maybe Mommy needs to drill into the hungry little hiker’s heads the #1 rule: No touchy till Mommy gets in a […]

Fueled For A Day!


Craving an entire day’s of meals, that lean towards the Hippy Hut™? Take a look at this collection of recipes from TrailCooking and see if you have some inspiration! Breakfast: Creamsicle Protein Smoothie Chocolate Covered Cherry Granola Bars Lunch: Chickpea and Sweet Corn Salad Snack: Sweet Coconut Curry Granola Bars Dinner: Edamame Noodle Bowl Dessert: […]