Food Find: Ready Snax


Ready Snax® is a line of 6 varieties, found in the produce section of grocery stores (near the bagged salads). The boys and I picked up the Carrots, Grapes & Cheese with Pretzels to try: Hmmmm…..maybe Mommy needs to drill into the hungry little hiker’s heads the #1 rule: No touchy till Mommy gets in a […]

Fueled For A Day!


Craving an entire day’s of meals, that lean towards the Hippy Hut™? Take a look at this collection of recipes from TrailCooking and see if you have some inspiration! Breakfast: Creamsicle Protein Smoothie Chocolate Covered Cherry Granola Bars Lunch: Chickpea and Sweet Corn Salad Snack: Sweet Coconut Curry Granola Bars Dinner: Edamame Noodle Bowl Dessert: […]

Simple n’ Scrumptious Sammies


I saw my inspiration for this on Serious Eats, talking about a sandwich Alton Brown eats. He uses sardines and avocados. Which I am sure taste great, I happened to have some of Wild Planet’s no-salt added albacore tuna on hand….   So I thought…wonder how this would taste? Umm…yeah….   It was beyond fantastic. Creamy, rich, filling. Simplicity at its best. […]