Recent Food Finds


Fun items that have been floating around the office and the great outdoors these past few months. It’s hard to believe summer is winding down, all too quickly. But…that does bring cool weather fall hiking, which is my favorite time to be out! Mountain America Jerky – Made in Colorado, ranging from traditional beef, bison […]

Food Find: Mario Snack Olives


Last week I was digging in my snack bag, while we had lunch at a lake, and I found a packet of Mario Snack Olives that I had forgotten about.   Ready to take with you, the packets come in 7 flavors/varieties, all of which are pitted. The small packets weigh in at 1.05 ounces […]

Celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day & Giveaway


When I go hiking without my kids, I usually have “forbidden” treats with me. The kind my youngest son cannot have. I grew up on peanut butter cookies and have such a weak spot for them when I hike. A stack of delicious peanut-y cookies while taking a rest along a creek? Oh yeah. And […]

Safe Commercially Made Treats For Allergies


Safe Commercially Made Treats For Allergies. That can be a very intimidating subject if suddenly you are in charge of meals/snacks for others – and have no experience with allergy safe foods. I saw this question this morning on a hiker’s forum and while I go by the theory of “Ask the parents to provide!!”, […]