Food Find: Mario Snack Olives


Last week I was digging in my snack bag, while we had lunch at a lake, and I found a packet of Mario Snack Olives that I had forgotten about.   Ready to take with you, the packets come in 7 flavors/varieties, all of which are pitted. The small packets weigh in at 1.05 ounces […]

Celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day & Giveaway


When I go hiking without my kids, I usually have “forbidden” treats with me. The kind my youngest son cannot have. I grew up on peanut butter cookies and have such a weak spot for them when I hike. A stack of delicious peanut-y cookies while taking a rest along a creek? Oh yeah. And […]

Safe Commercially Made Treats For Allergies


Safe Commercially Made Treats For Allergies. That can be a very intimidating subject if suddenly you are in charge of meals/snacks for others – and have no experience with allergy safe foods. I saw this question this morning on a hiker’s forum and while I go by the theory of “Ask the parents to provide!!”, […]

Snack Find: Sahale Snacks Premium Blends & Glazed Nuts


Sahale Snacks Premium Blends and Glazed Nuts are some of my favorite snacks on the trail. With our youngest son’s nut allergies, trail time for me means I can eat all the “forbidden foods” if he isn’t along. The Premium Blend Pomegranate Pistachios is a mix of peppery/sweet. Does it work? Oh yes. It is […]