A Stroll on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail


As this hot and dry summer finally enters the last month….and rain is finally promised starting tomorrow, Kirk and I got out the other day on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail, which we live on (we back up to it, with a gate out to the trail even). It might have been 80*, but […]

Silver Forest Trail


Sunday afternoon, while making lunch, it seemed like a great idea to drop everything and drive up to Rainier. It was getting hot, so why not? Arrive around 3 pm and people are just starting to leave, so parking spots are easier to find (where as from 10 am on, in summer, on a weekend, […]

Ancient Trees and Snakes


The PNW heat wave was back. Again. Faced with that, we left on Friday morning in hopes of it being at least a few degrees cooler in the mountains. We hadn’t been to Ohanapecosh in I think two years, so we decided to stop before it got busy. The trailhead for Grove of the Patriarchs […]

Foraging on Rail to Trails


A person on a local Facebook group had asked about fruit tree ID on a section of a local rail to trail, so I figured…why not go see! Got us out of the house and a hike all in one. We set off from Maple Valley (here in Washington) on the Cedar River Trail, towards […]

Night Skies at Rainier


When you are looking for a new experience, go up high – as the sun sets. Kirk and I had talked about this for years, that we’d go do it. It was so hot down low (as non-typical summer continues on….) and we left town at 7:30 pm in 90+ temps. We made it to […]

Local Wanderings: Mud Mountain Dam


Oddly enough it only took me 13 or so years of living here to visit Mud Mountain Dam. Why I hadn’t been before, I don’t know. It was a great stop on our way up Hwy 410, to Mount Rainier. For one, I had no idea that the dam had been put into control floods […]